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  • 5 hours
  • Price Varies
  • Online or face to face

Service Description

Can’t decide which package to go for, why not create your own. Pick from any of the following options and we will support you through it all. We charge £20.00 per hour per service for this bespoke package. If you choose five or more of the choices below, we could look at reducing the cost based on a package deal offer. This is not a monthly subscription. 1) FREE half an hour coaching session 2) One to one coaching, support, and guidance. 3) Access to a weekly email from us with all the latest offers, trends, information, and promotions. 4) Up to fifteen personalised coaching sessions, in your preferred location. This could be a café or restaurant, or even over zoom if you prefer. Coaching session times in the Create your own packages are UNLIMITED! There is not a time frame on these whatsoever. Just be aware that as we charge by the hour, you will pay £20.00 an hour for each hour that we are with you (not including travel expenses). 5) Access to the full range of suppliers offers and promotions. 6) Includes planning for the entire wedding, including all suppliers, venue, catering, etc. 7) A gift to the value of £30 (approximately) from ourselves to you as a wedding present. We will happily go with the flow and donate this to your honeymoon or chosen charity, dependent on your wishes. 8) Your very own wedding website established to communicate with all your friends and family before the wedding. Please note: the website will be closed seven days after your wedding date. 9) Hands on Budget Management 10) Availability of up to Ten hours of our time, given to you at any time that you need us. This could be whilst you are choosing your wedding dress or viewing your venue for the first time. 11) With you for the entire day on your wedding day, from the moment you get to the bridal suite to the moment you retire for bed. 12) A booklet in a leather-bound folder to keep as a memory of your wedding plans and something to show your future children and grandchildren. It is likely that we will build up an intimate and close relationship whilst I am assisting you in planning your own wedding. Therefore, each of the above points can be adapted to meet your needs. We will follow your lead.

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